Our Leadership 2017-18

(updated Sunday, June 11, 2017)


Board of Directors
Ginny Barnett President
Bob Hutt Vice President-Administration
Steven Edward Vice President-Float
Jon Reeves Secretary
Robin Hanna Treasurer
Erik C. Andersen Director
Kim Bossley Director
Brian Cozakos Director
Linda Cozakos Director
John Hames Director
Jan Schraner Director
Jennifer Tripet Director

Erik C. Andersen




Other Positions

Janet Diel

Liaison with BWP




Committee Chairs

Vice President-Administration
Vice President-Float
Barbara Williams Fund Raising Erik C. Andersen Design Contest-2018 Float
Kim Bossley Open House & Craft Faire-2017 Erik C. Andersen Design-2018 Float
Open Membership Bob Hutt Construction-2018
Open Public Relations Kate Preusser Decorations-2018
Jennifer Tripet Banquet-2017 Henry Gross Site and Safety
    Nancy Boyden Manpower
Steven Edward Website/E-Mails Jennifer Tripet Food Services
    William Andrews Burbank On Parade-2017

Nominating Committee 2016/2017

Henry Gross

Robin Hanna

John Hames-Chair

Jan Schraner

Jennifer Tripet

Audit Committee 2017
Leslie Monzon
Jodi Gross
Judith Miller

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